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HP SI 649 A Papier transfert
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L'HUILLIER is the information systems consumer goods specialist : more than 500 references in stock on a permanent basis.
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  • Laser cartridges or printer, photocopier or fax compatible cartridges.
  • Ink-jet printer cartridges.
  • Special paper for laser or ink-jet printers : transparencies, glazed paper, advertising streamer paper, paper for cards, T-shirt transfer paper, etc. ...
  • Original matrix ribbons or compatible.
  • Magnetic supports : 3M, BASF, MAXELL.
  • Labels that come on AVERY sheets.
  • Computer lists - any format, any thickness


Open from 7 am to 7 pm at our point of sale : 123, rue d'Uckange - 57192 - FLORANGE
Delivery free of charge in the urban area of METZ, THIONVILLE, NANCY and LUXEMBOURG.

To order o ask for a price, please contact us at   TÚl : - Fax : or send us a mail

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